Indian actor Aamir Khan donates all his organs for therapeutic purposes

April 1, 2014 / No Comments

Indian Bollywood actor Aamir Khan has pledged to donate his all usable organs after his death for therapeutic purposes.

Aamir Khan pledges to donate all his organs Indian actor Aamir Khan donates all his organs for therapeutic purposes

The actor signed the pledge on the occasion of Maharashtra Organ Donation Day, at an event organized by the Zonal Transplant Co-Ordination Centre at the KEM (King Edward Memorial) Hospital Mumbai, on Saturday, March 29, 2014. He was there to felicitate organ donor families.

He marked his decision by signing the pledge card that stated, “I Aamir Khan, Age 49, son of  Tahir Hussain Khan, Resident of Mumbai, hereby unequivocally authorize the removal of following organs or any other suitable organ of my body after my death for therapeutic purposes’.

The organs which the actor has pledged to donate include Kidney, liver, lungs, Heart, Pancreas, Intestines, Eyes, skin, ear drums, heart valve and bones.

During the occasion the actor got quite emotional and his eyes brimmed with tears when he met the family members of those whose body organs were donated after their death.

He interacted with the family members of those noble people who donated their organs after death, so that some needy people can get a better life.

Aamir Khan said at the event, “The lives of many needy people will be fulfilled with the help of organ donation. More efforts are needed to create awareness about this drive.”
He added, “We should appreciate the courage of the family members who donate their kins’ organs.”

Aamir said that organ donation is something he had been thinking of since a very long time, even he discussed it with his wife Kiran but she never took it seriously until she saw “Ship Of Theseus”.

After watching it, they both talked about donating organs in a concrete manner and came to a point that this is the noblest thing to do.

We could modify the life of others for good, without harming ourselves. He said he would be more than happy if all his body parts are donated after his death.