Paper Maps See End Of The Road, No Regular Production Anymore

April 1, 2014 / No Comments

The traditional paper maps may soon be a matter of history as Ordnance Survey is thinking of ending the policy that demanded routine production of paper maps in Great Britain.

paper maps Paper Maps See End Of The Road, No Regular Production Anymore

Declining sales over the years has pushed the loved maps in the range of other navigational aids like North Star and sextant.

Most consumers now prefer electronic navigation options, which is why Ordnance Survey plans to just offer paper maps on order, ensuring people who still need the folded maps can get the same.

Sale of paper maps accounted for just seven percent of OS turnover last year, which is contemplated as the reason behind stoppage of production.

Ordnance Survey is basically a government agency with its intention to offer accurate and updated maps and charts of the entire country.

Now, maps will no longer be produced to be kept in stocks, and will be made available on demand. It is being speculated that popular hiking areas like Lake District might still have the maps produced.

OS has also launched something called “map amnesty”, where the public can get a discount for digital maps, by sending their old paper maps and charts they own. OS has already received 3,000 paper maps in the new launch option.

If people need paper maps, they will have to order the same online. All maps from Ordnance Survey are printed by Somerset based company and are sold to stores directly.

OS also plans to have custom made maps for special areas and destination as needed by users. Back in 1980s, OS held the record of selling 3.5 million in one year.

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