Check Red Planet Mars At Its Best In Sky On April 8 And 14

April 5, 2014 / 1 Comment

Get ready for some stunning visuals of the red planet on April 8 and 14. Yes, space experts and scientists have now reported that on these two says, Mars will be viewed at its best from earth.

Red Planet Mars Check Red Planet Mars At Its Best In Sky On April 8 And 14

It will reach its highest elevation, and thereby, people can see Mars at its best after midnight.

This can be a rare sight as in some places, the red planet will be seen rising from the east, while the sun will be setting in the west.

Most visuals will be available on April 8, although Mars will be closest to Earth again on April 14, at a distance of 54,400,000 miles).

This is a recurring celestial event, which occurs when Earth and neighboring planet Mars is almost in a same line with respect to the position from the sun.

According to experts, this happens after a gap of 26 months.

The next best and similar spotting of Mars will be seen in 2016, which the red planet will be more close to our earth.

April has always been the best month to see a rare and beautiful view of Mars in the sky, according to experts.

On April 8 and 14, there is a reason to keep an eye on the night sky.