New Earth-Size Planet Spotted In Milky Way

April 19, 2014 / No Comments

A newly discovered Earth-size planet might prove to be a cousin of our planet, as NASA confirms new discovery on April 17.

New Earth Size Planet Spotted In Milky Way New Earth Size Planet Spotted In Milky Way

Using the Kepler Space Telescope of NASA, astronomers have made a stunning discovery of a planet orbiting in a similar way like Earth around a star in the “habitable zone”.

The “habitable zone” is the range of distance from any particular star, where the water may be found pooling on the surface of a planet.

Named as Kepler-186f, the new planet is a solid confirmation that there are planets like Earth around the “habitable zone” of other stars in the universe, other than the sun from our Milky Way.

One of the NASA scientists working on the project has mentioned that the new planet discovered is a milestone in many ways to find whether there are planets that are similar and homely like earth.

Scientist Thomas Barclay from NASA said the new discovered planet has a star that is cool and dim as compared to the sun, which means the new star is way different in many ways.

The planet is similar to Earth in terms of the energy it receives from its star, but the star itself is different from our Sun.

Instead of calling the new planet a twin of our Earth, scientists have chosen to call it a cousin with similar features.

Kepler telescope was launched by NASA in March 2009 in an attempt to find Earth-sized planets in the habitable zone of the Milky Way.

Kepler-186f is one of the major discoveries with the telescope.