9-Year-Old Michigan Boy Finds 10,000-Years-Old Mastodon Tooth! [Video]

April 21, 2014 / No Comments

In an historical find, a 9-year-old from Michigan has found a mastodon tooth, now presumed to be over 10,000-years-old and certainly throws light on prehistoric past of North America.

9 Year Old Michigan Boy Finds10000 Years Old Mastodon Tooth 9 Year Old Michigan Boy Finds 10,000 Years Old Mastodon Tooth! [Video]

The boy named Philip Stoll said that he wants to take the roll of a paleontologist in future, and his first step is being considered worthy by scientists and experts.

Stoll was exploring a nearby creek, when he found the 10,000-years-old mastodon tooth, which was 8 inches long and can be used for studies.

The tooth was brown in color and had six peaks. His mother told CNN that the tooth was creepy when found with something on the top that seemed like a gum tissue.

The 9-year-old looked on Google, while his mother found Jim Harding, who is a herpetologist from State University of Michigan.

Harding confirmed that the tooth belongs to a prehistoric mastodon. The herpetologist also confirmed that fossils are found time and again in North America, which gives a reminder of how many and large numbers of these mammals were found in the continent.

Mastodons are known to be extinct creates that resembled elephants in many ways and went on to become extinct 10,000 years ago from North America.

These mammals looked like woolly mammoths with huge and heavy coats of hair and curving tusks. From what is known, mastodons lived in herd and were wiped out presumably for swift climate change in the continent.

The first fossils were found in Claverack village in NY, somewhere in 1705 by French soldiers.