Half Of Americans Skeptical About The Big Bang Theory

April 22, 2014 / No Comments

Have you seen that episode of Friends when Phoebe drives Ross mad by the questioning the very basis of theory of evolution?

Seems like many in America folk are equally skeptical about the Big Bang theory and a recent poll conducted by GfK Public Affairs & Corporate Communications shows that only 30 percent are actually convinced that the event actually happened.

Big Bang Theory Half Of Americans Skeptical About The Big Bang Theory

Over 50 percent of the polled audience said that they were “not at all confident” that the universe did start off from the Big Bang.

While this in no way means that they all took a biblical view of the starting of the universe and origin of life, it does show that many Americans still seem to be unaware or unsure about a scientific theory accepted in much of the global science community.

The Big Bang theory states that the universe originated from an infinitely dense singularity about 13.82 billion years ago.

The currents state of the universe and more or less even distribution of cosmic matter in all directions is another proof that the inverse did start from a point of singularity with a Big Bang.

Nobel Prize medicine winner in 2013, Randy Schekman says that the results are not very surprising and “Science ignorance is pervasive in our society and these attitudes are reinforced when some of our leaders are openly antagonistic to established facts”.

Political leadership often has a huge influence on matters regarding science and religion and recent surveys have shown that evolution, climate change and Big Bang theory are more heavily supported by Democrats than by Republicans!