[Video] After 36 Hours, Dragon Docks At International Space Station Successfully

April 22, 2014 / No Comments

International Space Station had special treat for Easter this Sunday, April 22, as SpaceX’s cargo ship Dragon came with full of supplies.

Dragon Docks At International Space Station Successfully1 [Video] After 36 Hours, Dragon Docks At International Space Station Successfully

After completing a journey of 36 hours, Dragon cargo ship reached the crew on International Space Station and delivered science experiments, regular supplies and food.

Dragon was launched two days ahead on April 20 from Cape Canaveral, and astronauts used a robotic arm to hold on the capsule.

Apart from spacewalking gear and other experiments, good amount of food completed Dragon’s load. NASA has also sent family care packages for the six people onboard International Space Station.

Cargo ship Dragon belongs to Space X, which has been hired by NASA to sent supply to International Space Station, soon after the space shuttles retired in 2011.

Now, Dragon will make its way back to India somewhere in mid May having equipment and samples that are not needed at ISS anymore.

Come April 23, two of the astronauts will do a spacewalk to work and replace a dead backup computer, which NASA wants to get back after it stopped working on April 11. The primary computer is working just fine for now.

Dragon has been delayed for more than a month, but once it docked ISS, the success was celebrated by flight controllers at SpaceX.

Astronaut Koichi Wakata from Japan used the robot’s arm and got Dragon onboard. Entire SpaceX team and NASA congratulated on the success of the freighter.

Apart from SpaceX, Orbital Sciences from Virginia has been hired by NASA to stock ISS, and Dragon is the fourth station delivery by SpaceX.