Monkeys Have Mathematical Abilities With 90% Accuracy Rate!

April 23, 2014 / No Comments

A recent study reveals that monkeys are capable of learning mathematics and are up to 90 percent accurate in their math skills.

monkeys maths Monkeys Have Mathematical Abilities With 90% Accuracy Rate!

In a published study in April 21 Issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it has been revealed that the ancestors of humans do have mathematical abilities.

Scientists have taught 26 distinct symbols including 10 Arabic numerals and 16 letters to three rhesus monkeys, with each symbol corresponding with rewards like juice, orange soda and water.

The new study reveals how humans are not the only species in the animal kingdom to have mathematical skills.

It has been found earlier that some animals can actually distinguish between a larger and smaller cluster of dots, although animals do face the same difficulties as humans with the increasing values and numbers.

In the study, scientists gave the monkey two different symbols, and when asked to choose one, they picked the one that comes with a bigger reward, which clearly suggests that our near ancestors are smart to distinguish between symbols and assign specific values.

One of the leading scientists at Harvard University Medical School, Margaret Livingstone said that monkeys behaved just like humans in terms of identifying symbols.

He also mentioned to a publication that there are plans to study whether monkeys can actually multiply.

Apart from the reward thing, scientists have also used another experiment to see whether monkeys can read the symbols, which yielded same positive results.

The scientists choose rhesus monkeys as they are distant relatives of the human kind, although chimpanzees are close to us, separated just by 6 million years.