European Space Observatory Finds New X-Rays; A Galaxy With Two Black Holes Discovered

April 24, 2014 / No Comments

In a rare unexpected chance, XMM-Newton, the European space observatory, has discovered two huge black holes in a galaxy that’s now known to be 2 billion light years away from earth.

two black holes found European Space Observatory Finds New X Rays; A Galaxy With Two Black Holes Discovered

The news comes from a paper that’s expected to be a part of Astrophysical Journal’s May 10 issue.

The European space observatory is known to check at fixed points for while for something usual, and if nothing is found, it slews to the next.

Strangely, scientists have found X-rays caught by XMM-Newton from a galaxy distantly away.

The findings are unique because found X-rays originated from a distant but quiet galaxy, but the x-rays faded for a total of 21 days before bouncing back again.

It is known that large and massive galaxies do have a massive black hole in the center, but two such black holes is a rare case and is indicative of mergers between two galaxies.

All the double black hole galaxies known to us are all active, which are constantly ripping gas clouds and thereby, creating rays of different wavelengths. X-rays are also emitted in the process.

However, the newly found X-rays are not from active galaxy because the X-rays didn’t continually emit, but were constantly brightening and dimming at the same time.

This brings the theory of two black holes in the galaxy, according to some scientists. It is now known that the newly found black hole pair will spiral together till the time they merge in a single black hole, which should take around two million years.

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