Indian Hydro-power plants blamed for deadly floods

May 1, 2014 / No Comments

As per an environment ministry panel, last year’s catastrophic floods in northern India that killed thousands were said to be caused by the hydro-power projects that were badly controlled.

Hydro power plants1 Indian Hydro power plants blamed for deadly floods


The information from the said organization was acquired last Tuesday by Reuters.

June 2013, the heaviest rainfall that was ever recorded caused rivers and lakes to overflow, destroying the nearby towns and villages of Uttrakhand, a Himalayan state.

With 900 deaths and over 5,700 missing people, this was declared as the most lethal tragedy in the mountainous region. Over 200 roads and buildings, and 5,000 roads were washed away by floods and landslides.

The crisis confronting India has been underlined by panel findings. India, known to be one of the globe’s lowest per-capita energy consumers, races to stretch power generation to take care of an increasing demand.

The Indian government has long looked to saddle the force of streams notwithstanding the dangers to a limited extent to expand far from contaminating coal and gas plants that are progressively more expensive to run.

The 11 experts from the Ministry of Environment and Forests said that hydroelectric plants had put up massive quantity of sediments in streams that were not appropriately managed.

The experts discarded implications that the floods were due to deforestation.

Region-wide evaluations were immediately conducted by the authorities to asses the result of projects in the area rather than isolating individual power plants.

The panel also said that 23 out of the 24 projects in Uttrakhand should be rejected if they were within regions of major biodiversity.

Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd, NTPC, and GVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd, who were among the companies with hydroelectric i006Eterests in Uttrakhand, have not yet given their comments.