Pinocchio Rex: Scientists Stumble Upon The Cousin Of T. Rex!

May 8, 2014 / No Comments

If there is one thing that Steven Spielberg did with his Jurassic Park series of flicks is turn the Tyrannosaurus Rex into an international superstar overnight.

Pinocchio Rex1 Pinocchio Rex: Scientists Stumble Upon The Cousin Of T. Rex!


The ferocious dinosaur instantly became a feared favorite among kids across the globe. Now, paleontologists have discovered the T. Rex’s Far East cousin that seems equally intimidating!

A new dinosaur, the Qianzhousaurus sinensis, was discovered in China recently and scientists have affectionately dubbed it as Pinocchio Rex.

The nickname comes from the elongated stout of the new dinosaur that sets it apart from the others.

The skeleton remains of the new T. Rex cousin put it at about 29 feet (9 meters) long and 1,800 pounds (800 kilograms). While it was a touch smaller than T. Rex itself, it would have done more than well terrorizing smaller creatures in a world that was abundant in food resources.

Having found an almost complete skeleton of Pinocchio Rex in Ganzhou, scientists confirm that it lived and shared space along with T. Rex and roamed earth in the late Cretaceous period some 66 million years ago. Here is what they had to say about this latest addition to the dino family:

“Qianzhousaurus probably couldn’t bite as strongly as T. rex because it had a weaker jaw. So they suspect the newfound tyrannosaur went after smaller and less challenging prey than T. rex hunted.

The fossil record at Ganzhou reveals there would have been plenty of food…”