A ringed planet to be visible from Chennai on May 10

May 9, 2014 / No Comments

A glorious site to behold will show in the west as dusk approaches and the sun starts to fade.

On May 10. Saturn will rise to grace Earth’s evening sky. From the east, it will slowly show its prominence.

Blue ringed planet A ringed planet to be visible from Chennai on May 10


This marvel will show all night along the Constellation Libra. This provides sky-watchers a site to behold.

Saturn is closest to us that day as Earth journeys between it and the Sun. The distance of the Ringed visitor will only be 129.9 crore km from the Earth.

This is according to P. Iyanperumal, Executive Director of the Periyar Science and Technology Centre. It will look as though the planet is moving backwards as we will pass Saturn from an inside path around the sun.

Saturn will be diametrically opposite from the sun and will be fully illuminated by it as seen in Earth. It will be the most advantageous time to observe the planet with all its features, such as its moons —Titan, Tethys, Rhea and Dione and its ever marvelous rings A and B with its Cassini’s Division (separates the thin A ring from the wide B ring).

Astronomers can clearly observe this site through a telescope.

Mars will also be visible to the west of Spica, as well as the stars, Antares (Kettai) and Spica (Chithirai), added Dr. Iyanperumal.

You can visit Birla Planetarium from 7PM between May 9 and 11, if you are interested to see the planets through a telescope, and easily identify the celestial passer by.