Largest Dinosaur Ever Found In Argentina’s Remote Patagonia Region

May 19, 2014 / No Comments

It might not be a cold-blooded predator like the T. Rex, but paleontologists have just uncovered the remains of what is seemingly the largest dinosaur to have ever roamed the planet. Believed to be an entirely new species of Titanosaur, these giant, four-legged sauropods would have ruled the earth some 90 million years ago.

Worlds biggest dinosaur found Largest Dinosaur Ever Found In Argentinas Remote Patagonia Region

Food was aplenty for these giant at the height of the Cretaceous Period and it would have taken plenty to fuel these gigantic creatures. The femur uncovered by scientists in the remote Patagonia region of Argentina suggests that these dinosaurs weighed as much as 100 tons, and stretched up to 40 meters in length.

Apart from the huge femur, the team working on the site discovered many other remains, which suggest that the area is a potential goldfield for paleontologists. The original fossils were accidentally discovered by a farm worker in a remote area in the Patagonian province of Chubut and subsequently scientists took over to explore the area further.

Fossilised femur of the worlds biggest dinosaur Largest Dinosaur Ever Found In Argentinas Remote Patagonia Region

Uncovering over 10 vertebrae of the torso, 40 from the tail, parts of the neck and complete legs along with teeth of carnivores in the region, the discovery allows experts to more intricate understand these giants of the Cretaceous. Many hypotheses like their social life, eating habits and possible predators will be tested over the next few years before a complete picture is formed.

Largest dinosaur in the world bone displayed

Size of the femur bone in comparision to a human kid

Researchers have also found what they believe to be muscle insertions, which give a valuable insight into how much energy would have been required to power these amazing sauropods. Expect bigger secrets to be unraveled in the next few years thanks to this Patagonian treasure chest!