Cool Drunk Fish Bowl Over The Sober Ones With Bold Moves!

May 21, 2014 / No Comments

Somehow, both smoking and drinking have always carried a sense of ‘coolness’ along with them and it seems like this trait is not exclusive to the human world.

In a strange turn of events, it is the drunk fish that always end up being the “designated drivers” of the school, as a recent research showed!

zebra fish in a water tank Cool Drunk Fish Bowl Over The Sober Ones With Bold Moves!

Yup, when you think of fish and alcohol, your mind automatically drifts to some great culinary delights.

But the latest study by a team led by researcher Maurizio Porfiri, an associate professor at New York University Polytechnic Institute of Engineering, shows that drinking is perceived as a cool trait even in the animal world!

Much like the teenager with an attitude with a smoke-filled haze around him tempts others to follow him around; the sober fish instantly follow their drunk counterparts being dazzled by the bold, new moves.

The research team first put a few zebra fish in waters with high concentration of alcohol and then dropped into waters with no alcohol content.

Almost instantly, the sober fish in the water started to follow around the drunk ones, even as the swimming pattern of the intoxicated fish was faster and flashier! So, what does this latest research suggest?

If you are thinking ‘driving and alcohol make a good mix’, then think again! It just shows that alcohol reduces inhibitions and fears in almost all animals as it alters their brain dynamics.

And yes, it does give the drunk fish higher social status. But they are not driving around in a car at 150 mph and may not have to deal with the effects next morning either!