Miniature Drug Delivery: World’s Smallest And Fastest Nanomotor Is Here!

May 22, 2014 / 1 Comment

The future of medicine could well be safe and secure in the hands of tiny robotic wonders that move through your bed stream and deliver drugs precisely at the spot of infection of tumors.

In a breakthrough development, scientists at the University of Texas have come up with the world’s fastest, smallest and longest running nanomotor.

Worlds Smallest Fastest Nanomotor Miniature Drug Delivery: World’s Smallest And Fastest Nanomotor Is Here!

Less than one micrometer in size, this super-miniature wonder can even squeeze into a human cell with ease and can deliver the precise drug by rotating for 15 continuous hours at a speed of 18,000 RPMs!

This latest nanometer has three parts that allows it to carry, mix and deliver drugs with precision and scientists found that greater the speed of rotation, the faster the drugs were released.

Professor Donglei Fan said, “We were able to establish and control the molecule release rate by mechanical rotation, which means our nanomotor is the first of its kind for controlling the release of drugs from the surface of nanoparticles”

The nanomotor was invented thanks to a patent-pending invention by professor Fan that relies on AC and DC electric fields. Nanomotors like this have great potential in the medical field, where drugs can be delivered to specifically treat the cancerous or infected portions of the body without exposing the other organs to its side effects.

By taking the technology to the next level in the decades to come researchers hope to unleash an army of tiny robots that could also operate and repair damaged tissue internally!