Middle School Students Unearth 7000-Year Old Mummy In Chile

May 30, 2014 / No Comments

Most kids in middle school are excited about a field trip and many come back collecting a few leaves or maybe a few souvenirs at the local store.

But a group of sixth- to eighth-graders in Chile came back home with a full blown mummy of their own!

Chile Mummy Discovered by Students Middle School Students Unearth 7000 Year Old Mummy In Chile

Okay, so they were not allowed to take the mummy home, but the excitement lasted for days as 7,000 year old mummy was discovered by kids on a field trip in northern region of Arica, Chile.

This was a place where previously Incan plates, pottery and other archeological finds were also found.

Children from the America School found the mummy believed to be a remnant of Chile’s Chinchorro culture. The find is incredibly rare and archeologists believe that the mummification techniques of the Chinchorro were 2000 years older than those of the Egyptians. A prehistoric fisher folk of the region, the Chinchorro were known for these techniques.

The remains of another mummy were also found in the same zone and archeologists are now asking the government to declare it as a protected area so that future digging and research can take place unhindered.

A powerful earthquake of 8.2-magnitude hit this region of Chile earlier in April this year and reports indicate that this could be the reason for the surfacing for the mummified remains.

Many are hopeful that a careful excavation might lead to a bigger burial site and will reveal the many mysteries surrounding the Chinchorro in months to come.