Brazil vs Cameroon: Fifa 2014 live streaming and highlights

June 23, 2014 / No Comments

The host team Brazil will take on Cameroon in today’s Fifa 2014  match. Brazil currently with 4 points need to win this match or at least draw it to advance further.

brazil cheer girls Brazil vs Cameroon: Fifa 2014 live streaming and highlights

The match starts at 12 30 am India time.

A loss will brighten the situations for Mexico which is to take on Croatia with 4 and 3 points respectively. The match will be a deciding factor; it will ascertain the teams that will go ahead to the next level in the 2014, Fifa World Cup.

Follow the Brazil vs Cameroon match live scores here.

Today will be like a golden opportunity for Brazil to justify its presence in the game and remedy all the errors that it has made in the past.

Neymar has been the lone star on Brazil and they can rely on him. On the other hand Cameroon will have to plan their strategy without Alex Song (red card) and Samuel Eto’o’s whose health is doubtful.

Final score : Brazil 4-1 Cameroon:

Watch highlights video:

The tournament this fall has been full of surprises and nothing has gone as per expectations. Some teams have shown splendid performance and are leading the charts while some have disappointed the fans to a great extent.

Defender Dani Alves said, “We know the match will be very difficult because our rival will be playing without any pressure on them. They can’t advance, but they will be playing against Brazil, in Brazil, in the World Cup.”

It should turn out to be an interesting play.

You can catch hold of the highlights video here.