Six-Crore-Year-Old Dinosaur Fossilised Feces Found In Narmada Valley In India

July 15, 2014 / No Comments

Rare fossilized feces of six-crore-year-old dinosaurs have been found in the Narmada valley in the Madhya Pradesh region. Though this region has been rich in dinosaur remains, fossilised feces have been found for the very first time.

These have been discovered in the Umarban area near Mandu in the Dhar district.

Fossilised feces of Dinosaurs found in the Narmada Valley region Six Crore Year Old Dinosaur Fossilised Feces Found In Narmada Valley In India

Earlier dinosaur bones and eggs have been recovered from the area, fossilised feces are very rare to find. These will unravel the food habits of the creatures that lived back then.

These feces belong to the last generation dinosaurs that existed at the times of adverse climatic and geographical changes that took place. Constant volcanic eruptions in the region did not allow these animals to survive for long.

Paleontologists working in the area for quite some time now, believe that recovering these feces is a global success.

These shall be reserved in the National Dinosaur Fossil Park, situated in Bagh area of Dhar district.

Extensive studies and experiments on these fossilised feces could reveal a lot about the eating habits and their digestive systems.

‘Coprolite’- the scientific term used for fossilised feces will definitely bring to light a large number of unknown facts about these long lost creatures.

This particular area in Madhya Pradesh has been the centre of attraction for many scientists. This area has never disappointed them and has given them many proofs of these animal’s existence and their habitats.

Dinosaurs are considered to be the oldest animals that ever lived. Learning about their whereabouts, their habitats, their eating habits can educate the communities of today about those times.

These fossils as said are six crore years old, which shall throw some light about the India, the world that existed then.