A Solar Storm is heading towards Earth

September 15, 2014 / No Comments

As per some reports from US, a strong solar flare was launched off the sun on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 afternoon and is making its speedy movement towards the Earth. These emissions might disturb the Earth’s power grid mechanism causing some fluctuations in satellites and radio transmissions on September 12 and 13, 2014.
Even though the flare is detected to be of Class X’ which lies at the end of the solar flare scale, it is not expected to cause much damage upon reaching Earth’s vicinity. According to experts the damage and disturbances that this flare could cause can all be manipulated and controlled using some mechanisms.
A Solar Storm is heading towards Earth A Solar Storm is heading towards Earth
Experts are considering them to be in the geomagnetic storm levels in the G2 (moderate) and G3 (strong) range. This basically means that it is not very harmful and all its negative effects can be negated without much ado. It is also possible to see some anomalies with satellites so satellite operators around the world have been notified. Also people might find difficulties with the GPS services.
The flares that erupted on Wednesday are associated with ‘coronal mass ejection’ which contains millions of tonnes of energetic hydrogen and helium ions as well as a high magnetic field from the sun’s surface.
As such these flares could just have serious adverse effects on Earth but the intensity and the
type of flares emitted this time is not a very powerful one. On a lighter note it might be possible for many people in the Northern region to view the aurora which will be visible properly on the Friday, i.e. today night making the sky look as beautiful as possible.