Asia’s first Science Gallery to be set up in Bengaluru

November 14, 2014 / No Comments

Bengaluru, the IT hub of the nation will be soon known as the first place in Asia to house a science gallery. If everything goes well, the first Science Gallery in Asia will be set up at the Indian Institute of Science Campus by 2018.

Asias first Science Gallery to be set up in Bengaluru Asias first Science Gallery to be set up in Bengaluru

The news has been confirmed when the Karnataka Government officially signed an agreement with the Science Gallery International, based out in Dublin, Ireland.

S R Patil, the IT Minister told that the state Government has decided to give away an acre of land in the IISc Campus.

The emergence of a science Gallery in the nation will give enthusiasts to learn about new innovations and developments which happens in various areas.

The Science Gallery which is going to be set up in Bengaluru will be third of its kind in the world.

The first Science Gallery in the World was set up in Dublin on 2008, and the works of the second one are going on in steady pace at London. The SG in London will be opened by 2016.

Science Galleries will be completely different from traditional science museums. Unlike museums, SG will not have permanent collection, instead it will have temporory exhibitions on various scientific things which rules the modern world.

Chris Horn, the Chairman of SGI is pretty much confident about the acceptance and impact of a Science Gallery in Bengaluru.

Being the global hub of science and technology, the city is expected to welcome this development with an open heart.