Biggest Parrot-Beak Dinosaur Fossil Excavated From Siberia

November 17, 2014 / No Comments

‘Psittacosaurus sibiricus’ also known as Parrot beaked dinosaur is widely considered as the most species-rich dinosaur genus which ruled the earth millions of years ago.

The recent excavations which happened near the village of Shestakovo in Kemerovo region in western Siberia unearthed the fragments of the biggest known parrot beaked dinosaur.

Biggest Parrot Beaked Dinosaur’s fossil Biggest Parrot Beak Dinosaur Fossil Excavated From Siberia

Large scale excavations are going on in and around Shestakovo for the last sixty years, and the unearthing of the well preserved ‘Psittacosaurus sibiricus’ became another mile stone in this excavation project.

Two skeletons of parrot beaked dinosaurs have been found from the area, and these giants are supposed to have roamed in the earth before 125-140 million years ago.

Apart from the giant Psittacosaurus sibiricus, the excavations have also resulted in the unearthing of eight other dinosaur skeletons, and it includes a tall sauropod which was measured 30 feet tall.

All these fossils will be displayed in the local museuem once the initial studies on them is completed.

Dinosaurs in the ‘Psittacosaurus’ were huge creatures which used to walk in two legs. Their upper beak was so thick and powerful, and this feature gave them the name, ‘Parrot beaked dinosaur’.

The new skeletons excavated from Siberia are expected to fetch benign benefits in the study of dinosaurs.

Close analysis of these fossils will help scientists to learn about the possible changes which happened in the body of dinosaurs during maturing time.

It will also pave the light on their behavioral patterns.

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