Left-Out Torpedo Station in Baltic Sea to be Vamped as an Ideal Spot for Water Sports

November 21, 2014 / No Comments

torpedo base Left Out Torpedo Station in Baltic Sea to be Vamped as an Ideal Spot for Water Sports

Torpedo stations and look-out stations are unused structures now. Come to the European region and you could see them scattered across the sea. One such structure in the Baltic Sea, however, will soon be bustling with activity as it has been marked for renovation.

A torpedo lookout station located at Puck Bay has been identified by MFRMGR, Polish architects, to be used as an ideal location for water sports. Back in the days of World War II, when it was constructed, this building served as a watch tower and torpedo developing facility.

The discarded building is accessible only by boat, which makes it a perfect location for water sports. It is being retrofitted to include an additional level on top, along with surrounding docks.

MFRMGR is planning to renovate the existing building with window replacements, atop which would be constructed the new layer. With that done, a spiral staircase will be fitted inside linking the structures from different centuries.

What awaits boating enthusiasts will be a comfort facility, bedroom to accommodate up to eight, storage area, lounge area, terrace and a vegetable and herb garden which will be fed by rainwater harvesting. It would also serve as space for researchers and the entire building would run on wind and solar energy.

The ambitious project is expected to be completed by 2016.