Bio-Bus that Runs on Human Waste Starts Ride Along UK Streets

November 26, 2014 / No Comments

poo bus Bio Bus that Runs on Human Waste Starts Ride Along UK Streets

Aren’t we relying much on non-renewable sources of energy for fueling up our automotives? This thought has been prevailing for decades but we are yet to find an effective stand-in. But UK is now setting an example to the modern world. And what they rely on is something which will never fall under the non-renewable tag — human waste!

Hitting British roads is the new Bio-Bus, which is currently being run on trial. The 40-seater bus is fueled up by bio-gas produced from human sewage and food waste. Not only does it bring the bio-aspect to the fore, but also turns out to be eco-friendly. The Bio-Bus emits 30% less carbon dioxide than conventional diesel vehicles do.

The four-week trial run between Bristol Airport and Bath on the A4 motorway is being operated by Bath Bus Company. On a full tank of bio-methane, this bus can travel up to 186 miles (300 KM). An annual waste of five people is what it takes to fill the tank with gas up to the brim. That in turn means the annual waste of a single person could run the bus for up to 37 miles.

The plant that offers the fuel for the bus service is the Bristol sewage treatment work run by GENeco, which envisions powering up around 8500 homes alongside fueling bio-buses from the bio-methane production.

Mohammed Saddiq, General Manager of GENeco, says that the annual waste of full load passengers in the bus could provide enough fuel to run the bus for a distance that equals the length between the north and south extremes of the British island.

The bus is run on human waste from people living in the local area. But plans are afoot for collecting human waste from the bus itself. That could indeed serve justice to its pet name of ‘poo bus’.

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