Weather or Not Helps You Plan Your Calendar According to the Weather Forecast

November 27, 2014 / No Comments

weatherornot Weather or Not Helps You Plan Your Calendar According to the Weather Forecast

Setting up reminders for your schedules helps you prepare for an event. But unexpected changes in weather can spoil your plans. Now, with a new app installed in your iOS device, you could always switch to Plan B.

Weather or Not  is the app that helps you plan your calendar events in accordance with weather.  It is indeed a weather forecast app, but it takes a huge step ahead with its integration with your calendar events. What that brings is a whole refreshing interface of being alerted with the forecast for your upcoming events in the calendar.

The interface itself is lively, running through the weather forecast for the day with temperature, wind, humidity and precipitation details. Swipe your fingers and you would be taken to the space for weather predictions for the coming days.  But it really comes handy with its constant update for the day you have scheduled something on your calendar.

Initial setups can be given access with the permissions for your calendar, which will hand over the app for what it really stands tall. If the event will be taking place out of your hometown, the app will be updated with the forecast for the specified location, provided it’s mentioned in your calendar.

The notifications will pop-up on a daily basis for a 7-day tracking of the upcoming weather along with the upcoming events, so that you are not given a chance to miss the updates. The app is available in iOS stores for $2.99. You could also be offered with Today extension if running your device on iOS 8.


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