‘Boobs for Science’ project goes viral on the Internet

December 2, 2014 / No Comments

Sometimes, weird thoughts and acts may fetch results beyond our imagination, and the same thing happened for a Tumblr blog and Facebook page created by Laura Tait, a 30 year old Italian Web marketer who have completed her course in paleoanthropology.

The lady asked women to post the snaps of their breasts along with some scientific facts has been accepted by the global public, and it has already gone viral in the online world.

Many women all over the world are now posting the seductive pictures of their boobs in the Facebook page, and they are also adding a scientific fact as a caption in each photos.

Some men are also posting their naked photos in these group. The emergence of a group like ‘Boobs for Science’ has fetched mixed reactions from the global public.

Many people praised the move, whereas some people with a strong moral policing mentality criticized the act.

The very first snap in the website showcases the picture of sexy boobs with caption, “25 per cent of Italians deny the theory of evolution.

In the US, it’s 60 per cent’. The page owner Laura Tait aspires that this move will bring back Sexism in the country.

The contributors of this page covers huge range of topics, and it includes anything and everything that comes under science.

As per the contributors, a woman have the freedom to utilize her body as per her wish, and nobody has the right to question it.

Things will be great if she is doing that for the goodness of the society and science.