Humanity May Suffer the Catastrophe of Cretaceous Era

December 10, 2014 / No Comments

Dino Humanity May Suffer the Catastrophe of Cretaceous Era

Human race has always wondered about the events of the cretaceous era that led to total wipe out of dinosaurs. We haven’t reached any conclusions so far, but it’s certain that if we continue to exploit nature indiscreetly we are in for the same fate.

Scientists and biologists have been studying the reasons behind the K-Pg event for a long time. Their theories are now heading toward new directions, which are being depicted in the documentary titled “Mass Extinction: Life at the Brink”.

The documentary appears to be a warning for human race by sending out the message that the entire flora and fauna in this world is inching closer towards extinction in a pace that’s a dozen times swifter than normal.

What makes them predict this catastrophe is the finding of the impact site by scientists in Yucatan, Mexico, after more than ten years of exploration.

According to Evolutionary biologist Sean B. Carroll, who is also the executive producer of the movie, the wipeout of an entire race in the cretaceous boundary occurred due to an unusual turnaround in the eco-system — the pumping out of climate changing gases to the atmosphere.

The massive discharge of these gases is believed to have occurred due to volcanic eruptions beneath the earth’s surface. The impact of these gases was more than tolerable and produced temperature variations that wiped out nearly the entire living things in the world during that period.

But what worries scientist now is the possibility that the same ecological imbalance could happen again. And it’s not any asteroid impact that will lead to the crisis. In fact, the blame falls on human race itself.

Scientists fear that mankind is exploiting nature enormously, the consequences of which would be well beyond our control. There could be another colossal discharge of climate-changing gases if we continue the reckless exploitation of nature. And with our race moving forward without second thoughts, we would solely be responsible for repeating history.