Tiger Farming in China Could be the Next Big Threat for the Animal’s Population

January 8, 2015 / No Comments

tiger Tiger Farming in China Could be the Next Big Threat for the Animals Population

It’s often a sad world out there for wildlife. While animals are rescued and preserved on one side, the other side of the world reveals how cruel it can be when dealing with animal issues.

China has been a  nation that has been attracting criticism for its unethical treatment of wildlife. The country is back in the news once again, this time for its tiger farming.

Animal welfare bodies have been fighting it out to bring down the poaching of wildlife creatures to a great extent. While tiger poaching has been vastly restricted due to the depletion in population, Chinese entrepreneurs are finding a way to sort it out. And that’s by raising tiger farms to meet their demands.

They are also adopting measures to encourage the sale and consumption of tiger meat and other by-products involving tiger flesh, claws and skin. They are not into the business without justification.

As for them, products from tiger farming will only bring down the requirement for wild tiger poaching. Never sure from when it turned out for them that killing an animal for its flesh became justified when they raise them in farms.

There has also been a rising demand for tiger bone wine, tiger skins and other luxury products. Currently, there exist only around 10000 tigers in the world. But the concern is that more than half of them turn out to be captive.

While there are around 6000 tigers in captivity in China alone, there exist only around 4000 tigers living out in the wild, in the whole world. A major share of them resides in India.