Japanese Firm Envisions Underwater City to Counter Rising Sea Level

January 21, 2015 / No Comments

ocean sphere Japanese Firm Envisions Underwater City to Counter Rising Sea Level

Prevention is better than cure, they say. But there exists no such possibility when dealing with forces of nature. Man’s capabilities haven’t grown mighty enough to prevent calamities caused by nature, but they do play a part in preventing the causalities in their aftermath. And for that, human thoughts are still open to boundless dimensions.

In this context, Japanese brains are accelerated in a high pace, for they are always seen as bearing the brunt of nature’s wrath. One among the threats they face now, apart from the earthquakes and tsunami, is the rising sea level.

And it seems like they have their minds looking for possible remedies much earlier than catastrophe strikes. Shimizu Corp, a Japanese engineering firm, has come up with a futuristic solution to quell the rising sea waters. They are planning an underwater city.

Not essentially the one that requires your amphibian skills, but the one that’s protected from the water surroundings by a sphere. Ocean Sphere is the concept that encapsulates a fully fledged city which includes hospitals, residential, hotels and everything inside a mammoth sphere of diameter 546 yards.  The gigantic sphere will be dropped just beneath the ocean surface, and below which a spiral structure will be linking the city to the underwater surface.

The spiral structure will be lighting up the entire city, as the energy required inside the sphere is to be rooted from the deep down surface. An earth factory at the bottom of these spirals would be harvesting the energy required through the conversion of carbon dioxide into methane. The spiral structure itself will serve the purpose of power generation by means of ocean thermal energy conversion.

Let’s now walk through the feasibility of the project. Ocean Spiral would require over $24 billion ( 3 trillion yen) and a period of around five years for its construction. But the real hurdle is that Shimizu says that modern-world still lacks the technology required to come up with their dream city.

Shimizu has said that the underwater city is not a pipe dream, and is indeed a real goal set. The belief is that the knowhow for this project would be available in the future days. Certainly, we all never thought early Sci-Fi movie inventions would turn real at some point. But they have; and so shall the Ocean Sphere project.

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