Power From the Green World; Dutch Company Generates Electricity from Plants

January 21, 2015 / No Comments

power from plants Power From the Green World; Dutch Company Generates Electricity from Plants

The whole world is running behind power generation options that are green and here’s a story which has come up successful. As we all know, electricity can be generated from various fruits like potatoes or lemon.

These sources might not prove to yield substantial energy so as to power up the daily essentials like mobile batteries. Not much long ago, we had witnessed Nokia powering up their Lumia devices from bare potatoes and apples, but it took more than hundreds of these fruits to charge up a single device, which may not be quite pragmatic in our daily lives.

The story of the Dutch-based Plant-E is however inspiring. The Starry Sky initiative from Plant-E now generates power out of living plants to run essentials like cell phone batteries, Wi-Fi hotspots and around 300 street lamps spread across The Netherlands.

Plant-E’s power generation project involves plants that are grown in two-sq ft plastic containers. Electrodes protrude through these containers so as to absorb the protons, which gets broken down from the sugar waste of these plants generated out of photosynthesis.

It is  noteworthy that these plants turn out to be an adequate source of power, unlike in the case of power generation from fruits, which also involves the destruction of the organic life.

Plant- E is powering streetlights the green way across two sites as of now; one at Hambrug where they started the project back in November 2014, and the other near their headquarters at Wageningen. Their aim is to nourish technology so as to deliver green power to the rural and poor areas of the world, where plant life are in abundance.