A Smile from Outer Space Snapped by Hubble Space Telescope

February 10, 2015 / No Comments

hubble snap A Smile from Outer Space Snapped by Hubble Space Telescope

It’s said that human race has forgotten their smile with the increasing pace in their lives. In an era where our faces are kept down literally by the smartphones and tablets, we barely give a thought to smile at fellow men and women. But now, setting an example here for the entire mankind is a phenomenon in outer space.

Images snapped by Hubble Space Telescope have thrown much peculiar and amazing stuff over these years of work. But one among those is even curious, for it’s a smile generating one, by itself and as well as for others. An image that was snapped by the Hubble Space Telescope depicts a cluster of the outer galaxy world, but what makes us gasp for a long time is the peculiar bubbly smiley face that appears on it, that smiles right towards the camera.

But wait. Thinking of new advancements in the extra-terrestrial arena? You needn’t be. The smiley face hasn’t appeared from the face of an outer life-form. In fact, the one adorable face has been formed out of a galactic phenomenon known as gravitational lensing, which is the wrapping of time and space by galactic clusters due to the strong gravitational pull. The ring that makes up the facial outline is the Einstein’s ring, formed by heavy wrapping, which also draws the smile in the snap.

Although captured by the Hubble Space Telescope, the peculiar face was detected during NASA’s ‘Hidden Treasures’ image-processing competition. Judy Schmidt, one of the contestants, was the one who came up with the image after running his eyes through the vast data from Hubble.

Hubble’s imagery data is countless in numbers, but not all of them are color-processed so as to make it appealing and understandable among the public. The unprocessed imageries are however still accessible to public, which is from which Schmidt has processed a golden piece that now has created a big amusement.