Christchurch on Way to be Eco City

May 23, 2015 / No Comments

If the Christchurch City Council follows the proposal put forward by the Greening the Red Zone organization, then the despair tracts scattered throughout Avon River in Christchurch will soon be returned to the lap of nature.  A proposal has been broached by the organization that bids for the conversion of the Avon river red zones into a native forest park.

eco city christchurch Christchurch on Way to be Eco City

The proposal looks at conversion of red zones into a large mass of wetlands and forests, which they expect would also pave the way for a return of  wide range of environmental species previously native to the country. Alongside, it also lists out other suggestions and benefits that would rebrand Christchurch city as an eco city.

Those include the protection of city’s eastern suburbs from flooding with wetland spread-out and also for the cleansing of storm water.  Estimates also show a health benefit that converts to a saving of $50.3million a year with the restoration of eco-park across the Avon River.

Besides, natural forests will also have an impact on curbing down the winter air pollution, currently which accounts to pre-mature deaths of around 150 people in Christchurch alone.

The organization is also currently working on a master plan to find out the feasibility of the proposal in terms of being cost-efficient. Ashley Campbell of Greening the Red Zone has said that they would consider the opportunity to be never knocking at their the door again.

Christchurch City Council declared many sites across the Avon River as red-zone following the massive earthquakes that hit during 2010-2011. With the sites getting deemed as no-longer suitable for being re-constructed, the Prime Minister ensured to consider public opinion a year ago for the Long Term Plan towards red-zone utilization.

Apart from the Greening the Red Zone organization, which submitted the proposal on the penultimate day of public hearing by government, many other organizations had also previously come up with suggestions that endorsed  the rebranding of red-zones.

They included proposals by Avon-Otakaro Network and EVOSPACE.  Many however failed to inscribe a decorated layout with their proposal.