Chimps to be Listed Under Endangered Species

June 16, 2015 / No Comments

Did you think wildlife in captivity would help bring them back from the brim of being endangered? Just refer to the recent rule amendments related to captive chimpanzees put forward by US Fish and Wildlife department.

chimp Chimps to be Listed Under Endangered Species

The country enacted a new rule on June 16, which says captive chimpanzees will now on be considered as an endangered species. A grace period of 90 days will be observed for the new enactment, following which the rule would be made official on September 14.

The decision has been taken following the petition filed by Jane Goodall and other organizations back in 2010.

Domesticated chimpanzees were hitherto regarded only as threatened species. Their wildlife counterparts were further close to peril, and were put under the list for endangered species.  Jane Goodall was only one among the many who felt quite an oddity with this bias.

Goodall was joined by many groups including The Humane Society of the United States, and demanded to shun this habitat discrimination. Their petition urged the domestic chimps to be designated as endangered, like their wild counterparts.

With the new rules being enacted, permissions will be required for those who desire to import or export captive chimps. Researches that deal with Captive chimps will also have to obtain permissions from the US Fish and Wildlife department.

Captive chimps will also receive equal protection and conservation measures as granted to the wildlife chimps. However, private owners aren’t required to obtain any sort of permissions if to own a chimp or to use them in entertainment shows

With that said, the new rule doesn’t want to be a pain if to captivate chimps, but instead desires to bring a betterment among captive chimps, both in their protection, as well as with numbers. The idea will involve encouragement of breeding among captive chimps.

The global count of chimpanzee population is expected to be less than 300,000 today; a dreadful figure considering that it was thrice this number during the dawn of previous century.