Thousands Flee as Mount Sinabung Sputters Ashes and Rocks

June 18, 2015 / No Comments

Thousands of Indonesians have been forced to leave areas around Mt Sinabung following the red alert sounded by the government. Mount Sinabung, which has been active since 2010, has now caused more than ten thousand residents to flee from the island, with more than 1200 locals leaving their homes on Monday.

sinabaug Thousands Flee as Mount Sinabung Sputters Ashes and Rocks

The Volcano, situated in the island of Sumatra, was raised to the highest alert two weeks ago, and ever since, people have taken refuge at distant offices and other buildings. However, it was with the weekend eruptions that large numbers of people were forced to abandon their homes to head for refuge centers.

Authorities reveal that 10,714 residents have been evacuated from the vicinity as of now, with 7500 people alone being evacuated post the previous weekend, during which the eruptions intensified with the spitting of rocks and ashes.

On Tuesday, the activity was recorded high with around 30 pyroclastic flows reported to have been sputtered from Sinabung. The avalanche of hot gas and rock has covered up distances of up to 3kms southeastward. Smoke and ash is also been emitted to up to 700 meters, deposits of which has been found at 2mm thickness even at places 15kms away from the volcano.

Mount Sinabung became active back in 2010, following a dormant period of over 400 years. The previous time it erupted fiercely was back in February 2014, during which the pyroclastic flows took up to 16 lives. The eruption took place soon after the residents were allowed to retreat to their home following minor activities during January.