You Can Now Name a Planet

August 20, 2015 / No Comments

We all might have wondered how the naming system of all the planets in this universe works out. But here’s your chance to name a few of them.

planet You Can Now Name a Planet

The golden chance is now being offered by International Astronomical Union, who is now calling out to the public to decide the names of 20 planetary systems, and the exo-planets that constitute those systems. Collectively, the systems represent 32 exo-planets and 15 stars in it.

A website has already been made ready that contains the list of over 200 names shortlisted from the entries that flew in from nearly 50 nations. It’s now your chance to give a leg up to those names among them which you find suitable for the distant planetary system.

The voting doesn’t require you to register, but instead will allow only one vote for each of the 20 systems and its planets from a single device. Special requests can be provided to get the consent for registering multiple votes from a single device, both smartphone and PCs.

The deadline to register your vote is on October 31st. Make sure you check the Name Exoworlds website to bump into some catchy names like Samba, Victor, Swan, Whirwind, Ninja and what more; they have even got a pal out there which wants to be ‘good friends like twins’.