August this Year was the Hottest in Recent Times

September 18, 2015 / No Comments

Our world is already showing signs that the El Nino forming in the Pacific this year is going to be the worst in over 50 years. As a result, our planet has just spun its way through one of the hottest Augusts in recent times.

hot august August this Year was the Hottest in Recent Times

As per the stats provided by Japan’s Meteorological Agency, near-surface land and sea temperatures during August 2015 were measured to be 0.45 degrees higher than the average temperature of August during a thirty-year span till 2010. If that doesn’t make you feel how hot it was, then let’s give you the fact that it was only 0.33 degree higher the previous year.

In fact, August 2015 has been recorded by the agency as the hottest during the previous 124 years. In Australia alone, the temperatures have raised by 0.61 degrees in August, with the nation experiencing a hot summer of above 40degree Celsius.

Last month was not the sole one to have set new heat records either. According to reports from global agencies, six months in 2016 set new heat records, attributed to the strongest El Nino that has been recorded since 1997-98

Weather departments have also warned that the current El Nino will be intensifying its form to become the strongest ever since the beginning of its data accumulation in 1950. This would be sparking off weather changes all over the globe, with a temperature surge expected to follow in the coming months.

Contrastingly, many European nations including the UK will experience a long, dry winter this year, with the snowy winter expected to last until the onset of spring. The previous time the region witnessed a similar frosty winter was during the Big Freeze in 2009/10, during which the temperatures at many places dipped to below 0 degree Celsius.


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