Coral Bleaching on the Rise Across the Globe

October 10, 2015 / No Comments

It’s no new fact that the twenty first century is pushing coral reef survival to deep peril. Global warming, ocean acidification, and climatic changes keep on jeopardizing the colourful reefs, spurring the notion among some analysts that they will perish in not more than 50 years from now.

coral e1444480791417 Coral Bleaching on the Rise Across the Globe

Adding concern to the coral reef preservation is now the coral bleaching, which is gradually taking off the colours from the vivid coral reefs, and eventually leading them to demise.  Global experts from all over have now deemed the bleaching critical, with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration calling it a global coral bleaching event.

Ocean warming has remained the prime factor for extensive coral bleaching. The pacific warm stream called blob and El Nino climatic changes are already spawning their threat around the world. The 1998 El Nino caused the wipe out of nearly 15% of the entire coral reefs. And this year, scientists fear that it could be up to 20%, which converts to nearly 50,000 sq.kms of coral reef spread over the world.

The wind changes across the globe have also caused the shift of locations for bleaching this year. The previous years had coral reef destruction being predominant in the Caribbean oceans.

And this year, the bleaching has been at peak levels in Hawaii, where the bleaching started during the early months of this year. Tropical pacific, Indian Ocean, and the Caribbean still remain prone to coral bleaching.

The call for coral preservation will sure see a surge in the coming months, especially with the climate talks scheduled in Paris this December. Let’s hope it doesn’t get too late to rescue the home of around 25% of marine life.