American Footwear Demos How Scrap Tires Can be Recycled

November 19, 2015 / No Comments

Not everyone likes the piling up of tires in landfills, providing a habitat for mosquitoes and rodents. Texas-based Austin Footwear Labs, a firm already making its name for its eco-friendly work, is proving that their efforts to move forward for the better of this world are constantly on.

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The latest from their factory is a series of sandals and flip-flops, the soles of which are made from nothing, but recycled scrap tires.

But that doesn’t take away anything from these stylish ranges. They have been designed keeping comfort and fashion requirements of consumers in mind, with all those abstract images of 1921-era Austin stamped around the footwear to improve the appeal. They have also managed to bring a tire tread design to the bottom to showcase the solitude for salvaged tires.

To make sure they don’t fall back in quality, Austin Footwear has also made use of the rubber substitute called APX, developed by their sister concern Austin Rubbers. And yes, there are those added layers to ensure you have the smooth feel while walking around.

Setting a new standard to the footwear industry, Austin Footwear Labs President Fitz Lee says that their aim is to blend the quality, comfort and style traits of footwear with sustainability.  The US alone produces over 300 million scrap tires. Recycle markets cover up more than 80% of those, but the remaining are estimated to be left out in landfills.

Majority of the recycled scrap tires find use in derived fuel production and in conversion to ground rubber. But if this new mode of recycling can prove worthy, maybe it could take the recycle-reach to the top notch.

The sandals are available both for men and women at their website, and are priced at $70 for a pair.  They are also adopting an eco-friendly mode of delivery and packaging.