Built from recycled plastic bottles “T25 Supermini Car” turns your head around

June 1, 2010 / No Comments

Designer Gordon Murray’s micro car instantly reminds one of Mr. Beans’ car of choice, a British Leyland Mini 1000 which was also became a character of sorts for the British television comedy series. All the recollection and resemblance apart, Murray’s lively little car “T25 Supermini Car,” is ready to really turn the heads around by its super cute mini look ...

Bugatti builds 800 HP electric supercar prototype

May 28, 2010 / 2 Comments

Supercars are all high end exotic cars with performance greatly superior to that of its contemporaries. There’s news that Bugatti has actually built an 800bhp battery-powered supercar that exemplifies the balance between environmental and dynamic performance.

Europe’s first commercial fast charging EV station opens in The Netherlands

May 26, 2010 / No Comments

Netherlands reputation in promoting culture of environmental sustainability, cleanliness and excellent service is all set to take another leap with the introduction of first commercial fast-charging station in Europe, at Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, by the electric vehicle charger maker Epyon.

Mira EV breaks its own Guiness record, travels 1000 Kms on single recharge

May 24, 2010 / No Comments

Only last month did we talk about Sanyo issuing a press release proclaiming that one of its lithium-ion battery systems helped Mira EV run a distance of 555.6 km on a single recharge. The trial run conducted from Tokyo to Osaka used 8320 cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, normally used in the laptops.

Red hybrid double-decker bus symbolizes 21st century London

May 18, 2010 / No Comments

London’s distinctive taxis and double-decker buses are iconic symbols of city’s transportation system. The famous metropolis is all ready to shift to a cleaner, greener model of double-decker buses which was introduced recently as the red emblem of 21st century London.

Stylish Potenza promises an eco-friendly city ride

May 14, 2010 / No Comments

Each day we come across new designs and technologies that promise to make commutation lot easier for us in the future. Designed by Nicolás A. Jara, Potenza an innovative four- wheeled vehicle too reassures us with the same.

Bio-diesel hybrid Beetle rolls down the street using solar energy

May 13, 2010 / No Comments

Beetle is a wonderful small car that is etched in the memories of the people for the manner in which it outshone other cars in the days gone by. Beetle has evolved gradually and though nothing much has changed in it other than a few nips and tucks, a group of six engineers who call themselves EcoHawks have envisioned a ...

Nissan picks Hawaii for early launch of LEAF Electric Car

May 12, 2010 / No Comments

Hawaiian Islands are globally renowned for their incomparable scenic beauty comprising pristine beaches, glorious sunsets and tranquil waters. It is the Hawaiian residents’ spirit to retain the islands timeless radiance by remaining committed to clean energy that even after having met the most modern luxuries, the place maintains its eternal charm and beauty.

Bentley’s new generation of luxury green muscle cars

May 11, 2010 / No Comments

Bentley Motors is a name primarily associated with British luxury motoring, offering the world’s most exclusive driving experience. The brand has left an indelible mark on our conscience in terms of its quintessential status as a grand luxury car. The new “Bentley Aero Ace – Speed VI” concept by designer Gabriel Tam, however sets a new never before seen green ...

Sanyo battery helps set Guinness world record in the history of e-travel

April 22, 2010 / 1 Comment

Electric cars any day offer a clean and safe alternative to internal combustion engine that leaves behind a huge carbon footprint. However, its’ the shorter battery life and long charging times that provides reason enough to eschew the greener alternative. Here’s good news for all those who have at some or the other point of time turned down an eco-friendly ...