Climate change

August this Year was the Hottest in Recent Times

September 18, 2015 / No Comments

Our world is already showing signs that the El Nino forming in the Pacific this year is going to be the worst in over 50 years. As a result, our planet has just spun its way through one of the hottest Augusts in recent times. As per the stats provided by Japan's Meteorological Agency, near-surface land and sea temperatures during August ...

Major Tropical Storms Steadily Moving From the Equator To the Poles

May 17, 2014 / No Comments

The areas that have been traditionally identified as “tropical storm prone regions” are quickly changing according to the latest study by University of Wisconsin-Madison. A team led by Jim Kossin, a NOAA National Climatic Data Center scientist, states that tropical storms are indeed shifting away from the equator and towards the poles at a rate of 33 to 39 miles per ...

NASA Reveals the Unstoppable Rate At Which Antarctica Is Melting!

May 13, 2014 / 1 Comment

Most of the doomsday predictions across the globe involve the oceans finally taking over land and if NASA’s latest reports are indeed true, that day may not be far off! A NASA study looking at 40 years of ground, airplane and satellite data shows that the West Antarctic ice sheet is melting at a rate that is far above the normal ...

Climate change: UN report says the poor will suffer most

March 31, 2014 / No Comments

According to report that was released by the United Nations today, March 31, 2014, the organization has stated that climate change is a potential threat to human security and the effects of the rapid change in climate and global warming will badly effect the poor sector of the society, which obviously has less to do with man made change in ...

UN Panel Climate Report To Be Released on March 31; Many Pointers To Asian Cities

March 30, 2014 / No Comments

The much awaited reported from UN Panel will be out on Monday, March 31, which will talk on the impacts of climate change on certain regions, natural resources and human settlements.   To be released in Japan’s Yokohama, the report will put some light on how some of the major Asian cities might be at risk with rising levels of sea, including ...

Climate Change To Push Another 50 Million Towards Hunger By 2050

March 25, 2014 / No Comments

The UN climate talks in Poland, a few months back, had brought forward another impending and gloomy scenario that the world faces thanks to the global climate change coupled with increasing population. With the world set to discuss the report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in Japan, hunger seems to be one of the biggest threats that the planet ...

Antarctica Ice Melting Faster Down Below the Ice Shelves

June 14, 2013 / 1 Comment

Scientists have found that warm ocean water is melting the ice shelves of Antarctica, and this could result in the rise of global sea levels. The expanses of Antarctic ice become smaller when iceberg chunks break off floating ice shelves that undergo fast melting. The ice shelves melt from below and are invisible from above. When the ice shelves shed weight, ...

The case for man-made climate change

December 5, 2012 / No Comments

By Emily Buckley "Science has made enormous inroads in understanding climate change and its causes.There are still some uncertainties, and there always will be in understanding a complex system like Earth’s climate. Nevertheless, there is a strong, credible body of evidence, based on multiple lines of research, documenting that climate is changing and that these changes are in large part caused ...

Climate Change: Europeans Believe It’s Serious

October 14, 2011 / 1 Comment

Europeans are no longer cloudy regarding their opinion about global climate change: they are now unequivocal and say that climate change is a ``very serious problem’’. According to a recent survey, the majority of people in the European Union now see climate change as a grave issue to grapple with. In fact, EU residents see climate change as the second most ...

Climate Change Committee Ceases to Exist

December 3, 2010 / 2 Comments

GOP is closing down the house climate change committee. The house of representatives has made it clear that it is longer going to concern itself with climate change. The most striking aspect in this regard is that 50% of the new Congress doesn't believe climate change is real.