Global Warming

Sarah Palin Denies Polar Bears Resort to Cannibalism?

September 23, 2008 / 1 Comment

So, the question is "Will Sarah Palin deny that polar bears are resorting to cannibalism?" Or is it "bearbalism?" On CNN news this morning the announcer said that Sarah Palin and presidential candidate John McCain are at odds on human caused global warming. In my mind, this is a good thing. If both of them were thinking exactly alike, one of ...

Carbon Footprint on Beer Labels in Japan

September 19, 2008 / No Comments

Beer maker, Sapporo Breweries, has decided to put the carbon footprint of making its beers on the labels of their suds. The company estimates grain output, fertilizers, transporatation and the production and recycling of the aluminum can itself. One 350 milliliter can of Black Label beer represents 161 grams of carbon emission says Sapporo Breweries. Now a person can get drunk and ...

Spotless Sun Contributes to Climate Change

September 3, 2008 / 4 Comments

The global warming alarmists don't like hearing there might be other causes to climate change ... say, like increased activity from the Sun. A friend, who really is a rocket scientist, sent me a link to the story - Sun Makes History: First Spotless Month in a Century. For the first time in nearly 100 years the Sun passed without a ...

What Polar Bears Eat for Dessert

August 20, 2008 / 1 Comment

Ever wonder what a polar bear has for dessert? Wonder no more. This polar bear at Osaka's Tennoji Zoo is getting a summer retreat and a reprieve from the summer heat. I had an apple for breakfast this morning. Thank goodness my wife didn't stick it in an ice cube, an ice cube the size of a freezer at that! So, how's ...

Less Rain in Africa Because of Warming of Indian Ocean

August 18, 2008 / 2 Comments

The Goddard Space Flight Center under NASA has concluded that declines in rainfall on the eastern seaboard countries of Africa - Ethiopia, Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, happened because of irregularities in the transport of moisture between the ocean and land. Computer models and observations over a half century were analyzed and the result - eastern Africa rainfall has declined ...

Mt. Kilimanjaro Snow Cap Okay

August 15, 2008 / 2 Comments

An Ohio State University researcher claimed that Mt Kilimanjaro will lose its snow cap between 2015-2020. He made is guesstimate based on photos taken in 1912 and 2001. At that time, Mt. Kilimanjaro had lost 82% of its snow cap/ice cover. "The sky is falling in Africa, the sky is falling in Africa!" was the alarmists' cry. Turns out that according to ...

Paris Hilton Strips Down, Reveals Energy Plan

August 7, 2008 / 1 Comment

In some circles I suppose Paris Hilton is doing her part to heat things up, cause more global warming, maybe, and in others she is just making a fool out of herself...and me, too for caring what she thinks. In any event, people read about her, look at her...and I hope, never listen to her. Hilton's energy plan - "We can ...

Playhouse Disney’s Playing for the Planet’s Top Ten Green Celebrities

July 28, 2008 / 1 Comment

Playhouse Disney's Playing for the Planet Awards have narrowed down the field to 10 celebrities/stars who have received nominations for the Greenest Star prize. The fans are doing the nominations, the stars are using their fame to promote environmental issues. THE TOP TEN Sienna Miller - raising awareness about global warming

World Bank Concludes Biofuels are Cause of High Food Prices

July 16, 2008 / No Comments

It's not the high crude oil prices causing high gasoline prices that are driving up food costs. It's not the fault of the US invasion of Iraq and upsetting the oil bucket. It's not even the global warming monster that is causing food shortages, hunger among the poor, increased poverty or social unrest. It's not even the demands of the ...

Hurricane Season Longer, Stormier, Arriving Earlier

July 15, 2008 / 1 Comment

Hurricane season this year is expected to be longer, stormier and arrive earlier. Climate scientists are saying that this centuries storms are bigger than last century's because the area of warm water that can support hurricanes is growing larger. The Atlantic Ocean is more hurricane friendly.  "There has been an increase in the seasonal length over the last century," Jay ...