Global Warming

Schwarzenegger and Bush at Odds over Global Warming

July 14, 2008 / 1 Comment

President Bush has the Terminator after him now. California's Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is accusing Bush of not believing in global warming because the White House has decided to delay a decision of regulating greenhouse gases. Bush is in a no win situation. The Governator also said that Bush would be insincere if his administration took action in the last six months ...

Perito Moreno Glacier Gets a Tunnel – Rupture in Winter

July 8, 2008 / No Comments

Image : I always thought I would like to meet the guy named Tunnel. You know the first guy who thought, "We don't need to go around this (whatever), we can go through it." That's my kind of person. But, what about when it's mother nature who is doing the digging and a tunnel is really not what ...

G-8 Summiteers Unlikely to Reach an Agreement on a Climate Deal

July 7, 2008 / No Comments

I am not sure how many musketeers there were, but, there are at least eight G-8 Summiteers who are acting like their Disney counterparts. The group just started meeting today and have already all but concluded that they won't reach a deal on fighting global warming. Here's why: 1. Global inflation resulting from soaring food and fuel prices are too much. 2. African poverty ...

31 Chinese Provinces Lean on EU, Norway, UNDP to Develop Green Plans

July 1, 2008 / No Comments

We do love it when a plan comes together, when the world gets along. Here's a guy who has people all over the world dancing together. On a different level, 31 provinces in China have received $4 million from Norway, the European Union and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to draft programs to fight climate change over the next two ...

North Pole Ice Free This Summer?

June 29, 2008 / No Comments

A U.S. scientist will blame global warming if ships are able to sail over the normally frozen over North Pole at the top of our globe. Frankly, I'd like to make the trip in a ship. I mean, how often do you get to do that sort of thing? The scientist from the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center ...

“China and India Have Right to Grow”

June 28, 2008 / No Comments

Japan's PM Yasuo Fukuda says "countries like China and India ''are part of the international deal,'' but that they have the ''right to grow in the way that we grew.'" Some might argue that considering the size of those two countries, but nevertheless, Japan will be hosting the G-8 leaders from July 7-9th and Brazil, China and India have been ...

The Glaciers are NOT Melting

June 27, 2008 / No Comments

We've all been fooled. The glaciers really aren't melting. They've been stolen. Some sneaky Japanese people wanting to raise awareness about global warming traveled north or east, I am not sure, and stole huge hunks of a glacier and brought them to Hokkaido. It reminds me of the mentality of bringing in animals to zoos so we can study them ...

Tokyo Tells Large Buildings to Cut CO2 Emissions

June 25, 2008 / No Comments

Tokyo passed a mandate for large office buildings, shops, hotels, universities and factories to cut their CO2 emissions. About 1,300 establishments which use 1,500 kiloliters of crude per year will be affected. The hope is to reduce energy consumed by 15-20% by 2020. Tokyo creates about 4.5% of Japan's overall CO2 emissions, and these 1,300 businesses are responsible for ...

Spiderman Climbs for Global Warming

June 6, 2008 / No Comments

The Global Warming monster's days are numbered. It's all over but the shouting. Where's the fat lady when you need her to sing. Spiderman is climbing to fight global warming. He and a buddy climbed the 52-story New York Times building to raise awareness to global warming. The higher he climbed, the higher the temps maybe? Thanks, Spidey. Now, where's Superman when you need him? source

Energy Wasting Day, on April 1st

March 25, 2008 / No Comments

April 1st 2008 is Energy Wasting Day this year. Here is Dan Power that will teach you how to waste the energy and increase carbon emissions in his mission to fry the planet. Energy Wasting Day.... Are we kidding? Of course we are! They want to make people aware that if we were to change our habits just a little bit it ...