Nuclear Power

Clean Green Energy On The Growth Path; UN Report Says

July 16, 2010 / No Comments

A recent U.N. report gives green enthusiasts good reason to celebrate. According to the report, in 2009, a lot more power capacity was added to the US and European countries from renewable sources than ever before in history. Mainly, power sourced from wind and solar energy served to be substitutes for conventional sources of energy.

DARPA Looking for Nuclear Power in Poop

April 2, 2010 / No Comments

DARPA has a number of tough-to-believe projects going on at any moment of time, that leads to the agency often being called the Pentagon's mad science division. This time around, they are looking for an environmentally friendly energy source, or basically, using poop to power portable nuclear reactors.

TerraPower Wants Small Scale Nuclear Reactors for Home Use

March 24, 2010 / No Comments

Nuclear Power is cleaner than most of the sources used conventionally to generate power, but putting up reactors in homes would require a whole lot of convincing to do. TerraPower, a startup that has some funding and backing from Microsoft founder Bill Gates, aims to create small nuclear reactors that would be acceptable, and safe for use in homes.

France Urges the World Towards Nuclear Power Development

March 8, 2010 / No Comments

Nicolas Sarkozy, president of France, has made an odd statement today - saying that poor countries need nuclear power in order to develop properly. He's urging rich lenders to support a global nuclear expansion, which should help fight climate change problems, and satisfy the ever-growing demand for energy in the world.

GE, Hitachi Want Fuel From Nuclear Waste

February 18, 2010 / No Comments

The world is now actively considering nuclear energy as a power source, and a number of new reactors are now planned across the world. With all the wonderful energy that these reactors produced, comes the big trouble aka radioactive waste. Handling this waste is no easy job, and it takes thousands of years for the waste to become safe through ...

Germany Announces Life Extension For Nuclear Plants

November 5, 2009 / No Comments

Nuclear power plants in Germany are on their way to an extended life, surmounting the huge obstacles in their path. There is a vehement opposition to nuclear power plants in Germany, and most of the population believes that the country should let go of nuclear power plants. The new policy aims at keeping the old plants running to ultimately have ...

Atomic Powered Cell Phone

October 7, 2009 / No Comments

[caption id="attachment_6667" align="alignright" width="240" caption="Atomic Powered Cellphone"][/caption]The Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan has developed an interesting atomic-powered source of electricity. They have actually used this to power a touch screen hand-held video player/cell phone. Now before you start protesting the use of atomic power (that will be a debate in future multi-part series), I am talking about using the protons (I ...

Malia Obama’s peacenik t-shirt and Papa Obama’s peace talks with Russia

July 9, 2009 / 2 Comments

While  papa Obama was signing deals with the Russians to make the world a little less safe by reducing the stock piles of nuclear weapons, 11-year old Malia Obama was doing her part to spread the message of peace - beatnick, hippie-style. [caption id="attachment_5898" align="aligncenter" width="468" caption="Malia Obama's peacenik t-shirt"][/caption] The T-shirt is an anti-nuclear message with its famous logo from the ...

Nuclear-capable countries hasten to secure uranium deals

June 23, 2009 / No Comments

Nuclear-capable countries hastened to secure uranium deals.  Nuclear-capable nations across the world are hurrying to make sure that they have long-term access to supplies of uranium.  Many countries in Europe and Asia, including India and China, are in the race to lock in their supply of uranium in order to fuel several new reactors that they will build over the ...

Russia, Japan Likely to Sign Pact on ‘Non-military Use of Nuclear Power’

May 14, 2009 / No Comments

[caption id="attachment_5034" align="alignright" width="250" caption="Russian nuclear suit"][/caption] Russia says it is likely to sign a pact with Japan on nuclear power plant. Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of Russia, told the Japanese media in Moscow that he expected to sign the agreement during his visit to Japan this week. The Russia-Japan deal on nuclear power plant would be one of the many agreements that ...