Supernatural Power Creates Crop Circle from 3,000 Trees

September 15, 2008 / No Comments

Locals in Nepal are at a loss to explain how some 3,000 trees in a nearby forest in Banke, mid-western Nepal, collapsed in about 10 minutes. The trees at the Shrikrishna Community Forest, some 360 km west of Kathmandu just started tumbling down. There was no gale, no storm that day. Just falling trees. Not knowing what to think or who ...

African Snail Appears in China

August 13, 2008 / 1 Comment

  A giant and dangerous snail from Africa has turned up in a street in Fuzhou China. Ecologists haven't a clue how the slow moving critter made its way to the Middle Kingdom but they are reckoning it took a very long time. The spotted snail consumes fruits and veggies in large amounts and can single-handedly destroy a local agricultural industry...well, ...

When Trees Fight Back

July 9, 2008 / No Comments

If trees in Tokyo could speak, at least one would say, "This is my space. Get out, or I'll eat you up." The problem, of course, is in the digestion. What's the tree going to do with the waste product? Okay, that might be a little bit too graphic to think about. Still... The Japanese says in the box at ...

Trigeneration Power System Developed in Japan

July 4, 2008 / No Comments

  Kansai Electric Power C0 will work in cahoots with three other companies to develop a 'trigeneration system' that can produce electric power and also utilize waste heat and CO2 emissions, all to improve farming productivity. Toyota Turbine and Systems Inc. (yeah, they are related to that Toyota) will design a small gas turbine that can burn liquified natural gas to generate ...

When Mother Nature Doesn’t Get it Right – Square Watermelons

July 4, 2008 / 1 Comment

  How often do people thing they can do things better, improve on the way our planet and all its intricacies have been designed? We reroute rivers, relocate forests, try to make it rain, try to make it stop. One Japanese group has taken the initiative and has successfully reshaped the watermelon. Yup, to be sure. A group in Kagawa Prefecture ...

Great Wall of Trees

July 2, 2008 / No Comments

For more than 20 years one of 93 million people named Wang in China has been planting trees for the purpose of preventing the desert from encroaching on Yinchuan. The Great Wall of Trees is 42-km and 10-km wide. For his efforts, Wang was rewarded with some time off to participate as a torch bearer for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. It ...

Green Lung

July 2, 2008 / No Comments

One of the world's most polluted cities, Beijing, will have a "green lung" opening in it after the Olympics finish. The Olympic Forest Park will be a bit to the north of the Bird's Nest, home to the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The park cost $1.12 billion! 1. Add 10 years to your life. 2. Listen ...

100 Million Flowers Around Beijing

June 6, 2008 / 1 Comment

I have no idea how many flowers 100 million are. I mean, what kind of space can that cover? Beijing will know. From June 20th, Beijing will start decorating the streets with some 100 million flowers. Out of a total of 2,000 types, 576 breeds of flowers were selected: 1. rose 2. pansy 3. morning glory

[New] Oldest Living Tree in the World is in Sweden

May 20, 2008 / No Comments

Scientists have found the (new) oldest tree in the world. It is a 16.4 feet tall spruce, found in Fulu Mountain in the Dalarna province of Sweden, that was carbon dated by Miami researchers to be 9,550 years old. Under the crown they've also found four generations of spruce remains in the forms of cones and wood produced with the same ...

What is the largest flower in the world?

May 7, 2008 / 17 Comments

For no special reason I asked myself today what is the largest flower in the world? Kids usually ask such questions so better be prepared ... image copyright mark.ringrose So, back to the answer, the biggest flower in the world is Rafflesia arnoldii a very rare flower ...