NASA Decides To Selectively Suspend Contact With Russia

April 3, 2014 / No Comments

When it comes to world politics and international diplomacy, principles and convictions are a matter of convenience. And much like in every other aspect, USA is the global leader in this turf as well. NASA has just issued a statement that it has just suspended all contact with Russia’s space program due to the political tension between the two nations over ...

Clinton Wants “Mass Movement” on Climate Change, Thinks Future

March 23, 2014 / No Comments

Former secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is quite concerned about the environment and the not so bright future of our Earth. In a recent student conference for the Clinton Global Initiative University at Arizona State University, she told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, that the young generation is much more committed (and understand the need) to address issues like global warming and ...

Din Against Clipping Green Wings

October 25, 2011 / No Comments

There is no disputing the paramount importance of road safety. But putting unnecessary brakes on eco-friendly modes of transportation like bicycles is inviting head-on collisions. Like the one now going on in Hull, Wisconsin. A dust-up in the town of Hull shows that not everyone agrees that cars and pedal-powered two wheelers should share the pavement. The Hull town public safety ...

New York Passes Green Jobs Financing Law

June 27, 2011 / No Comments

When the New York State legislature passed the "Power NY Act", It was a long-sought complement to the "Green Jobs/Green NY" law that passed in 2009. The legislation will create 14,000 living-wage jobs, cut carbon emissions, lower utility bills for working families, and enable moderate-income homeowners to access safe loans for retrofits and use energy savings to repay the loan.  The ...

Czech Republic Caught Between the Devil & the Deep Sea?

December 14, 2010 / 1 Comment

The Czech Republic is being dogged by several issues as it attempts to reduce its carbon footprint.  As part of the European Union’s pledge to reduce greenhouse emissions by 20% by the year 2020 from the levels that existed in 1990, the Czech nation has been taking several steps to ensure that the people are switching to more renewable power ...

US Plans New Approvals Process for Offshore Wind Power Projects

November 24, 2010 / No Comments

A new, major initiative has been announced by the US Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, which will speed up the process of sanctioning offshore wind power projects. The US has seen years of delay caused by red tape holding up such projects, which is holding up the progress of renewable energy generation.

Taiwan to Usher in More Eco-Friendly Laws

November 22, 2010 / No Comments

The Taiwanese government is focusing on getting more environmental rules in place after facing a wave of protests over several issues from environmentally conscious citizens. The government is considering implementing green reforms faster than they had earlier envisioned, spurred on by these citizen demands.

New Ad Claims CO2 Is Not Harmful To Environment!

July 15, 2010 / No Comments

A new ad campaign by the organization CO2 is Green, drew a lot of flak as soon as it appeared. The ad says that carbon dioxide is not actually causing the level of pollution that the government claims it is; and that legislation that might be passed on the assumption that CO2 is immensely damaging to the environment, may actually ...

Obama’s Speech at Copenhagen Disappoints the Public

December 18, 2009 / No Comments

Obama was very confident when he entered the final hours of the Copenhagen summit, stating that the world could act "boldly and decisively" on the matter. However, after giving his speech, the public was all but impressed, and actually expressed severe disappointment.

Germany Announces Life Extension For Nuclear Plants

November 5, 2009 / No Comments

Nuclear power plants in Germany are on their way to an extended life, surmounting the huge obstacles in their path. There is a vehement opposition to nuclear power plants in Germany, and most of the population believes that the country should let go of nuclear power plants. The new policy aims at keeping the old plants running to ultimately have ...