Renewable energy

Obama, Biden to Make Important ‘Green’ Announcements

October 26, 2009 / 1 Comment

The US President Barack Obama, and Vice President Joe Biden are expected to make important announcements that will provide stimulus for a greener future. An Obama administration official has said that the President will make announcement regarding Smart Grids during his visit to Florida. Obama's announcement of a Smart Grid will be the government's largest investment of economic stimulus funds ...

Harnessing Her Power – Part 2

October 20, 2009 / No Comments

If you remember in Part 1, I set the table and server up the hors d'oeuvres, appetizer plates, and salads of harnessing Herricanes (If you don’t remember, STOP!  Go back and read Part 1 before continuing).  Now I will serve up heaps of real meat and continue the anger management presentation.

Harnessing Her Power – Part 1

October 19, 2009 / No Comments

Kathryn Siranosian published a blog entry about Hurricane Rick and she got me to thinking.  While I believe it should be named Himmicane Rick and that has nothing to do with this article, hurricanes could be good for the energy business.

Chicago 2016 Olympic bid is blue-green

October 1, 2009 / 2 Comments

Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics is bold. It’s exciting. And, it’s green. In fact, Chicago 2016 organizers even call their concept of the Olympics the “Blue-Green Games.” Blue for clean air and water. And, green for parks and nature. Together, the blue and green combine to create the ideal conditions necessary for optimal athletic performance. What’s more, Chicago 2016 organizers have ...

Mitsubishi and Libya’s Al Fateh University Will Study Green Energy Jointly

January 28, 2009 / No Comments

Mitsubishi and Libya's Al Fateh University will sign a memorandum of understanding to begin joint research and development of reusable energy sources. The Japanese trading company will put up the money for research into reusable energy by Libya's largest university. Japan will also supply test materials and send specialists to Al Fateh from 2009 to 2011. The two will also engage ...

Olive Waste Turned Into Renewable Energy Source

January 13, 2009 / 2 Comments

Olive waste is something that really does not catch our imagination, as most often it is the edibles and the peace-preaching branches that hog our attention. An Israeli company is finding new ways to turn the trash into energy source by compressing and using olive waste into solidified rolls. Olivebar turns waste produced from the olive plant into an energy source that ...

2050 – Most of Asia’s Electricity Needs Met by Clean Energy

November 4, 2008 / No Comments

The "Energy (R)evolution: A Sustainable World Energy Outlook" says that two-thirds of Asia's electricity needs can be met by renewable energy sources by 2050. If so, the aggressive investment could create an annual $360 billion industry worldwide and save $18 trillion in future fuel costs. I wonder if the men and women punched their calculators to determine how many people depending ...

Wood Gas-fueled Plant in Japan wins Best Renewable Energy Power Plant of the Year

October 30, 2008 / No Comments

Yamagata Prefecture in Japan has a wood gas-to-energy power plant powered by gas engines made by GE. The project generates power from renewable biomass resources that are in abundance and would otherwise be treated as rubbish. The plant which is owned and operated by Yamagata Green Power a subsidiary of renewable energy development firm Japan Biomass Development, received the Best Renewable Energy ...