Solar energy

NYC Gets a Solar Powered EV Charging Station

December 17, 2009 / 1 Comment

As electric vehicles grow, it becomes important to power the same through electricity generated by clean sources, rather than relying on the "dirty" ones like coal or oil. Beautiful Earth Group has installed a solar powered charging station at Red Hook, Brooklyn. As its name suggests, the station uses energy collected from the sun to charge EVs.

Germany Plans Reduction in Solar Power Incentives

December 16, 2009 / No Comments

Many countries in the world currently offer incentives towards production of green energy, and the said incentives are gradually increasing. Germany, which has registered a strong growth in the sector and meets nearly 15% of electricity demand with green energy, is now planning to reduce incentives given to solar power.

First Solar Produces 1 Gigawatts of Power in 2009

December 16, 2009 / No Comments

First Solar have announced that their production of solar systems for 2009 is the equivalent of 1 gigawatts of power. This is great news, as it's indicative of a rising interest in this type of technology among consumers. First Solar produces cadmium telluride solar cells and panels, and their production has been only 75 megawatts for 2007, and 420-460 in ...

Canada’s Loyalty One Building Gets the Country’s Largest Rooftop Solar Panel Array

December 10, 2009 / 1 Comment

The Loyalty One building, from where the Air Miles rewards programs are managed, has just been equipped with the biggest rooftop solar panel system in the entire Canada. The system's capacity isn't that impressive compared to other installations around the world - just 165 kW, but it's perfectly enough for the entire building, thanks to the LEED silver and gold ...

Solar-Powered Plane Sees its First Flight

December 4, 2009 / No Comments

The Solar Impulse, a solar-powered plan that's planned to go on a 20-25 day trip around the world, was recently tested on a runway and the test was a success. And just yesterday, the plane made its first actual flight, proving that the concept works.

Concept For Solar-Powered Hat and Gloves to Warm You in The Winter

December 1, 2009 / No Comments

Yiran Qian, a German resident, came up with an interesting concept called "Endless Warm". The idea incorporates solar panels into a common hat and a pair of gloves, using the generated power to heat the clothing articles.

Buildings to Have an Easier Solar Way, Courtesy Sulfurcell

November 16, 2009 / No Comments

German manufacturer Sulfurcell has cladding modules with integrated solar cells. These modules consist of a hardened, frameless glass followed by an Indium based semiconductor layer connected to a solar module. Sulfurcell claims that the use of Indium allows the semiconductor layer to be 100 times thinner than conventional silicone wafers.

Japanese Solar Vehicle Wins World Solar Challenge

November 3, 2009 / No Comments

The World Solar Challenge started off in 1987, and features teams of some of the top engineering colleges from around the world vying to get hold of a top spot, while traveling thousands of miles in solar powered racecars. The challenge puts up a grueling task for the vehicles which are powered by only solar energy. This year, the cars ...

Solar Monorail Proposed for Bologna

November 2, 2009 / No Comments

Designers and architects Iosa Ghini Associati have proposed a solar powered monorail system for the city of Bologna, Italy. Called Energy Belt, the 5084 meter long system will connect the airport to the city center. The monorail will operate at heights varying from 7 meters to 25 meters, will have an intermediate stop at Lazzaretto, and will be entirely powered ...

German Initiative Inches Closer to Solar Energy From Sahara

November 2, 2009 / No Comments

The vast expanse of the Sahara desert has since long been seen as an available source of solar energy that can be tapped. However, there isn't much progress to show on the issue. Now the idea seems closer to reality with a German-led consortium of 12 companies that intends to harness the desert sun to power Europe.