World’s Largest Tidal Turbine Comes Up in Scotland

August 13, 2010 / No Comments

The Atlantis Resources, the marine renewable power company, has unveiled the world’s largest tidal turbine in Scotland. The massive engineering marvel named AK1000 will be installed at the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney, this summer. People from around the world attended the unveiling ceremony which took place at the Isleburn Engineering facility, and took their only opportunity to view ...

Harness Solar Energy Through Spray on Film

August 11, 2010 / No Comments

A remarkable new technology breakthrough has been made by a Norwegian company EnSol AS. They have come up with a solar film that can be sprayed onto windows, which will enable them to generate solar power, without compromising on the view.

Sanyo Unveils New Factory for Lithium-Ion Batteries for Eco-Friendly Vehicles

August 3, 2010 / No Comments

Sanyo Electric Co has announced the completion of its new factory for the lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries for eco-friendly vehicles in its Kasai Plant in Japan. The effort goes in line with the trend toward conservation of the environment. The Sanyo move is seen as boosting the development of rechargeable batteries for eco-friendly vehicles.

New Design For Denver International’s Rail Connection

August 2, 2010 / No Comments

Denver International Airport will have a new rail connection as part of its South Terminal Redevelopment Program. Well known architect Santiago Calatrava has just displayed his design for the same. As part of this new expansion, the airport will be directly linked to downtown Denver and also to a retail plaza, a hotel and a rail bridge over the Pena ...

National Semi’s Solar Magic technology increases energy generation by 20%

June 2, 2010 / No Comments

Our dependence on eco-friendly products has been rising with the development of ever-new technologies, which push the efficiency factor of new product launches. Harnessing solar energy to meet electrical needs on both macro and micro scale is fast becoming a rage because its’ eco-friendly and helps you detach from the grid. Solar Magic technology is yet another promising feat in ...

Built from scrap Bicibomba movil uses pedal power to transform lives

May 31, 2010 / No Comments

There are very few contraptions devised from waste and fewer still, which are embracing owing to their simple functioning and worthiness. After Bicilavadora, the bicycle washing machine and the Bicimolino, the corn grinder, yet another application from waste Bicibomba movil has transformed lives of the people in rural Guatemala.

IBM’s intelligent traffic light system helps improve fuel efficiency

May 31, 2010 / No Comments

IBM has come up with a novel plan to redeem those habitual to wasting fuel on the traffic signals by keeping their engines running until the signal goes green instead of turning it off.  The company has applied patent for a new technology that would stop or start engines at the traffic intersections with the aim to improve fuel efficiency.

‘Electric Bulldozer’ with zero emissions and smart safety alerts

May 28, 2010 / 2 Comments

Worn and rusted bulldozers, belching out black smoke while clearing landfills, plant debris, mines, quarries, road construction, agricultural operations, and building sites etc. are an eyesore to watch. These monster machines may be the coolest ones around in terms of their overwhelming size, but their record on environmental front has been least friendly.

Bugatti builds 800 HP electric supercar prototype

May 28, 2010 / 2 Comments

Supercars are all high end exotic cars with performance greatly superior to that of its contemporaries. There’s news that Bugatti has actually built an 800bhp battery-powered supercar that exemplifies the balance between environmental and dynamic performance.