Solar waterfall to make Rio’s stunning skyline green

May 4, 2010 / No Comments

Rio de Janeiro’s natural skyline is all set to host a new iconic architectural masterpiece before 2016 Olympics, after the famous Christ the Redeemer statue. Designed by Swiss architecture firm RAFAA, the solar powered artificial waterfall has been proposed in league with the carnival nation spearheading the green movement on the Latin American continent.

Energy generating shoes for those on the go

April 29, 2010 / No Comments

Each day ever new vistas for the application of piezoelectric energy are opening themselves to us. After the first piezoelectric shower it’s time now to check out the electric generating shoes.

Sustainable bio-plastic ready reshape food industry

April 29, 2010 / No Comments

Over the years algae has proven its potential use for the bio-fuel industry and now it’s’ all ready to confirm its usability for the bio-plastic manufacturing as well. Cereplast Algae Plastics is ready to hit the market with sustainable bio-plastics by the end this year.

US gives green thumb-up to its first offshore wind farm at Cape Cord

April 28, 2010 / No Comments

For a change US is heading offshore, not for oil but for its first wind farm. After years of legal wrangling the Obama Administration has finally inched closer towards establishing its first offshore wind farm, off Cape Cod. The 130 turbine Cape Cod wind farm which gets operational by 2012 aims to eventually supply three-quarters of the ...

M55 EVO-001 luxury electric bike for deep pockets

April 28, 2010 / No Comments

You’ll have to be biking freak with deep pockets to get a hold on this M55 EVO-001 aptly tipped-off as the luxurious "Ferrari of electric bikes." To you, if the word luxury stands for sleekness and lighter than air looks, then mind you, this bike is quite the opposite.

Solar powered Japanese ‘Space Yacht’ Ikaros ready for deep space sojourn

April 28, 2010 / No Comments

Just as the Obama administration was busy drafting a plan aimed at overhauling the US space program, Japanese ingenuity and inventiveness was pushing the frontiers of science and technology farther ahead to inject a greed drive into its space program. All for their creative brilliance the Japanese are preparing for the launch of Ikaros spacecraft powered ...

First ever piezoelectric shower for hot steamy bath

April 27, 2010 / No Comments

What lends the first ever Piezo shower futuristic viability is its innovative design and use of piezoelectricity to let out a hot steamy shower. Made by a team of cross continental designers from Mexico, Finland and Germany, the shower uses the energy of flowing water alone to heat it instead of using any external heating source.

Philips unveils its $10 million LED light bulb

April 26, 2010 / 1 Comment

As for now, Philips stands as the lonely first in the would-be line of contenders vying for the $10 million prize slated by the US government for offering an energy efficient alternative to the 60 Watt light bulb.

Israeli Air Force embarks on solar power campaign

April 26, 2010 / No Comments

After the US Navy decided to go green and flew the first Green Hornet on Earth Day, it’s time for the Israeli Air Force to tow the same line. The Air force is planning to install small photovoltaic systems of up to 50KW for electricity production at its bases. It doesn’t end there.

US Navy flies First Green Supersonic Jet on Earth Day

April 22, 2010 / 1 Comment

Coincidence apart, but what better occasion than the Earth Day for the world’s most well equipped military to try and reduce its carbon footprint and move closer towards getting a green makeover? In an effort to clean up its armed forces the US Navy will take the Hornet on a supersonic test flight using bio-fuel.