Rolla Missouri brings Solar Car Racing Back

March 25, 2010 / 1 Comment

Think solar car racing is a thing of the future? Well, think again. This  summer on June 20th, the Missouri University of Science and Technology will host competitors in the Tulsa-to-Chicago solar car race. The race, is only the third solar car race to visit Rolla, Missouri (MO), and only the 10th major solar car race to take place in North ...

South Korea Brings Inductive Charging to Roads, Powers Vehicles

March 9, 2010 / No Comments

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology is making use of a new form of road, and public transport to travel. Such roads and vehicles have shown up in a number of designs and concepts, but this appears to be the largest application of the technology. Basically, roads are paved with recharging strips that transfer electric energy to the vehicles ...

British Airways Turns to City Waste for Fuel

February 15, 2010 / No Comments

British Airways will soon start using fuel sourced from municipal waste. According to a deal British Airways signed with US based biofuel company Solena Group, by 2014, a portion of the jet fuel required by the airways will be sourced from municipal waste. Likely to be located in London, the plant will produce 16 million gallons of green jet fuel ...

SmartFish Aircraft to be an Efficient, Long-Range Flier

January 26, 2010 / No Comments

The people at Smart Fish have been working on an efficient, long range aircraft that would combine desirables like space, speed, efficiency, ease of use and lower costs. Considering what they are promising, and going by the figures on their website, the SmartFish aircraft could stir a revolution in the aircraft industry.

Mold May Provide Assistance in Solving Transportation Problems

January 22, 2010 / No Comments

10 years ago, Toshiyuki Nakagaki was awarded a Nobel Prize for demonstrating how mold can be used to solve various problems. Concentrating primarily on one type of mold, Physarum polycephalum, he tried its ability to navigate mazes.

Three Bicycle Ideas That May Change the World

January 19, 2010 / No Comments

Lately, we've witnessed some interesting bike concepts that may very well change the world one day. Three of them seem to stand out so far, because of their effectiveness and possibility of being accepted by a large part of the community.

UK to Get a Taste of High Speed Javelin Trains

December 17, 2009 / 1 Comment

The UK has unveiled its very first domestic high speed rail service, which offers to drastically cut commuting times. The train will move at a speed of 140mph, which is enough to significantly reduce times. For example, the London to Ramsgate journey that takes 81 minutes, will be completed in just half an hour on the new Javelin trains. Similarly, ...

MIT’s Smart Bike Wheel Revealed

December 15, 2009 / No Comments

Some people at MIT have been working on a smart wheel which can potentially revolutionize bicycle riding - and they just unveiled it at the Copenhagen Conference of Climate Change. The wheel has a battery which stores energy generated by you while you're cycling - and it can use that energy to give you a boost when you need it.

Move Around Town While Staying Fit

December 15, 2009 / No Comments

The Rollator's design somewhat resembles that of the Segway, though the concept is vastly different. This contraption allows you to move around town faster than regularly, using a machine that is basically a treadmill with wheels. The device has been engineered very seriously, with various settings such as a three-gear system to adjust the pace to your liking.

LED Traffic Lights Become Useless in Heavy Snow

December 14, 2009 / 2 Comments

LED traffic lights are great and a prime example of green technology - they last longer, don't need a lot of service, use less electricity, and can be somewhat easier to see. However, all of these benefits can come at a cost. High energy efficiency is a great thing, but it can sometimes turn against you - during snow storms, ...