Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina: Breathtaking Grandeur of Ice and Snow

December 3, 2008 / 1 Comment

Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina is one of the most awe-inspiring landscapes on the planet, with vast stretches of unending snow-covered peaks and valleys hidden deep in the heart of the mighty and often unforgiving Andes. Both stirring our imagination and challenging our survival skills, this amazing panorama can be as deadly to a lost tourist as it is a ...

Nissan’s FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle)

December 3, 2008 / No Comments

Last week in San Francisco I got to see another car of the future, always in the future that is. Part of Nissan's Green Program the FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) is not only eco-friendly, but also looks pretty good. Right? Meanwhile you can read more about Nissan's Green Program 2010 and some of their Environmental Activities. [gallery]

Gay penguins steal eggs from straight couples, become segregated, ostracized

December 2, 2008 / No Comments

There is a Penguin Gay couple in Harbin, China. The two penguins are trying to steal eggs from straight birds so that they can become 'fathers.' Other birds in the zoo have noticed the deception and are ostracizing the gay twosome. The gay couple placed stones at the feet of parents to try to hide the eggs they stole. The zookeepers now ...

Whale Wars on Animal Planet – Modern Day Pirates

December 2, 2008 / 1 Comment

Captain Paul Watson, co-founder of Greenpeace and helm of the world's most active marine non-profit organization, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, is a modern day pirate. Oh yes, you're reading it right. He's a pirate trying to prevent Japanese ships from killing whales off the coast of Antarctica and so far, together with its crew they spared more than 300. Most ...

Biofashion Show in Columbia

December 2, 2008 / No Comments

Juan Herrera, Cristhian Vargas, Ibeth Jaramillo, Angelica Fernandez, and Pablo Dorado are Colombian fashion designers who know as much about fashion as I reckon any other fashion designer does. It looks good on stage but where you going to wear the things? These folks are different, however, because their fashion is all about bio-themed creations. Cat of nine tails made ...

Modern Animal Cruelty: Chained Bear to Guard House

December 2, 2008 / 3 Comments

There is a good reason why I can't feel for this woman. Sometimes, Russian people want to prove they're tough. One way of doing it is chaining bears to guard their homes, instead of dogs. Not that chaining dogs (or any other animals) is a good thing, but what she does - is SO WRONG. How can people be happy with ...

The Windspire Vertical Wind Turbine by Mariah Power

December 2, 2008 / 1 Comment

The Windspire vertical wind turbine by Mariah Power is a noiseless way of powering your own home for cheap in a sustainable way. Using wind power to spin, this 29.5-foot-tall vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) it outputs 1.2 kW, will cost you some $5,000 and is able to provide 25-30% of the power needed in a typical house. Looking quite ...

Eco-Friendly Hummer, Could It Be True?

December 1, 2008 / No Comments

There was a Hummer trying to do the eco-friendly dance in San Francisco last week. The best the H2 could do was say it runs off of E85 Ethanol. Does that count? The price - $63K. My advice to Hummer. Give it up. [gallery]

Why Do Whales Sing? Underwater Serenades or Biological Sonar?

November 28, 2008 / 1 Comment

Other than being some of the largest mammals in the seas, whales area also known for their "voices". Call it the whale song, it's true that the whales may sing to court mates but not only. The biggest Romeo of them all, is the humpback whale which is known to produce repetitious sounds at varying frequencies. That's a whale song. So ...

Daimler F-Cell Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

November 28, 2008 / 1 Comment

Daimler's F-Cell Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle was parked at the 2008 SF Auto Show this week when I attended. Other than Toyota's Fuel Cell car, well half of it, this was as close as I had come to the car of the future. Meaning the hydrogen fuel cell car will always be in the future. Based on an extended version of ...